Camel (cigarette)

Camel is ( for english, camel ') is a cigarette brand of the company RJ Reynolds Tobacco Company, Reynolds American today. Known as Camel Camel logo shows a dromedary, which belongs to the camelid family.


Founded in 1875, Richard Joshua Reynolds, called RJ, RJ Reynolds Tobacco Company. 1883 110 employees were already employed and 1886 he produced nearly 100 different brands, especially snuff and chewing tobacco. Beginning of the 20th century was the constant change to the smoke tobaccos. The popular pipe tobacco "Prince Albert " was the first blend of Virginia, Burley and Oriental tobacco and thus the prototype of the American blend.

Although he cigarettes held little of the " new mode" - at this time was " Fatima " of Ligget & Myers the leading brand - was created in 1913 with the first American -blend cigarette " Camel " the Reynolds product of the success secured company for decades. Reynolds sat behind American Tobacco ( Lucky Strike with their three years later created ) to the second place of the most successful tobacco companies before Philip Morris International. In 1921 came the famous advertising slogan "I'd walk a mile for a Camel ."

Camel in 1913 was the first brand that was sold in 20 - packs instead of the then customary 5 or 10 - packs; this has been adopted by most other brands within a short time. The cigarette was heavily advertised from the beginning, especially because of their gentleness, which allow it to smoke a lot of cigarettes. Within a short time Camel achieved a market share of 40 % in the USA. John Wayne served in the Camel advertising as a testimonial. Since August 27, 1968 by the Cologne cigarette factory house New Castle KG Camel was offered for the first time in Europe on the German market and. This allowed the unprofitable high tobacco duty should be avoided.

Since the early 1990s Camel is a brand of Japan Tobacco International outside the United States. The tobacco blend of non-American Camel contains less oriental tobacco and a higher proportion of Burley.


1980 was called an organized and partially sponsored by Camel rally similar event to life with the Camel Trophy. Until its setting 1999 Trophy was held annually.

In the 80s, the Camel Store launched a shop for outdoor gear and apparel.

Since 2001, Seidensticker has the master license to the brand ' camel active ', and markets them through its subsidiary CMLC ( Camel Active Master License Corporation) GmbH. So Camel Shoes are for ' camel active footwear ' produced for example by Gabor Shoes and watches from Mondaine. Likewise, ' active camel ' clothing, handbags and eyewear is marketed with the fashion label.

Camel was the most significant sponsors in the motorcycle road World Cup. There Camel Pramac Pons, among others, the team in the years 2004/2005 and Valentino Rossi in the factory Yamaha team were sponsored in 2006. Also in Formula 1 you worked as a sponsor. By 1993, the brand was a sponsor of Benetton, Williams and Lotus.