Canadian Football

The Canadian football is a common, particularly in Canada ball sport that is one of the games referred to as Gridiron Football. It was like American football from the 1870s of football and rugby in particular, with international matches and contacts gave impetus.

The Canadian football, played professionally including in the Canadian Football League ( CFL), differs from its U.S. counterpart, especially because some rule changes made in the 1900s at the local college football were not included.

Thus, nowadays, among other

  • The playing field with about 101 meters (110 yards) total length and 59 meters (65 yards) width greater
  • Greater with twelve the number of players to a person
  • With only three experiments ( Downs ) per Angriffsspielzug is the number smaller by a
  • There is less time for the meeting a turn ( Huddle ) available

This also has an impact on the game tactics. Canadian football has fewer delays, the available space causes the use of more flinkerer player and passing trains. Otherwise, however, the similarities are great, at first glance, the game species are difficult to distinguish.

In Canadian football, there is the Rouge ( also known as single ) the ability to achieve a single point after a kick to the opponent's end zone.

Pictures of Canadian Football