Canadian Football League

The Canadian Football League ( CFL; French: Ligue canadienne de football; German: Canadian Football League ) is a professional sports league in Canada that plays Canadian football. The league consists of eight teams: four teams in the East Division and four (up to 2005: five) teams in the West Division. In the meantime, we also tried to incorporate some U.S. teams in the league, which was not a success. In its present form, the CFL has been in existence since 1958.

Highlight of the season is the Grey Cup, the Endbegegnung the best teams in the championship.


The first Canadian football teams played in the Canadian Rugby Football Union, which was established in 1884. The CRFU mutated under the name Canadian Rugby Union in 1884 for an umbrella organization of different leagues. Two minor leagues of the CRU developed between the 1930s and 1950s - the Interprovincial Rugby Football Union from the east and the Western Interprovincial Football Union from the West - to professional leagues and together founded the Canadian Football Council in 1958 the CRU fully left and henceforth under Canadian Football League informed the name.


The regular season begins in late June and ceases in early November. In these 19 weeks each team plays eight times, a home and away game against each team in the other division, three games against two teams and four games against a team of their own division. In the middle of the season there are two games with only two Fixtures instead. Thus, each team has a play-free weekend ( bye week) in the season.

The play-offs begin in November. After the regular season leading the team in each division qualified for the Division Finals. The second-placed team must play against the third-placed to participate in the Division Final. Can the fourth-placed team in the other division but have a better score, it takes part instead of the third placed on the excreta, which is known as so-called crossover Rule ( cross-over rule).

The two winners of the Division Finals, the Champions Division, playing in the Grey Cup for the championship of the Canadian Football League.