Caofeidian District

Caofeidian (Chinese曹 妃 甸 区, pinyin Caofeidian Qū ) is a municipality of northern Chinese city of Tangshan in Hebei Province. It was founded on July 11, 2012 by the merger of the former district Tanghai with partial areas of the borough and county of Fengnan Luannan. The name comes from a concubine of Emperor Lishimin, Taizong of the Tang Dynasty, back, whose name was Cao Xian (曹 娴) and to have been a fisherman's daughter from Tanghai. It should here be passed during a Li Shimin's eastern campaign under tragic circumstances. The emperor had built a temple for her, the ruins of which should have been visible even to the beginning of the Republican period ( 1912-1949 ). Caofeidian has an area of ​​1943.72 km ² and around 220,000 inhabitants (estimated 2012). The municipality is located directly on the Gulf of Bohai, and has a coastline of about 80 kilometers. He has important international port facilities.

Administrative Divisions

At the community level, Caofeidian is composed of three major communities. These are:

  • Greater community Tanghai (唐海 镇) seat of government of the municipality;
  • Greater community Binhai (滨海 镇);
  • Greater community Liuzan (柳 赞 镇).

In addition, ten state farms and two state marine fish farms.