Capitán FAP Renán Elías Olivera Airport

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The airport of Pisco (Aeropuerto Internacional de Pisco ) is a military airfield in the Peruvian army.


It is located near the Peruvian port of Pisco in the small village of San Andrés.

Airlines and destinations

In 2013, LC Perú flew the airport daily from Lima and Cuzco. Currently ( January 2014 ), the airport is not served in regular service.


The basis for the Peruvian Air Force, the airport is currently used mainly for military purposes. Civil Aviation also takes place since 2012. In addition, the Pisco airport is considered as an alternate airport for the airport Lima. A passenger terminal was built from 2011 to 2012. During the earthquake in August 2007, he was almost not damaged. He could therefore be used for the fast relief flights to earthquake victims in the region.