Carl Emil Pettersson

Carl Emil Pettersson (* 1875 in Sollentuna, Stockholm, † 1937 in Australia) was a Swedish sailors and emigrants.

Carl Pettersson hired in 1887 as ship's boy, came to the Bismarck Archipelago (Papua New Guinea) and worked for a German company. In 1904 he was shipwrecked and stranded on the island of Tabar (north of the island of New Ireland ), where he married the chief's daughter Sindu. She bore him nine children, eight of whom lived to adulthood, and died under mysterious circumstances in 1922. His second wife he was married to a Swedish- English woman who died in 1935. Pettersson began on Tabar with the copra trade, later found gold and came to wealth.

Pettersson, via its massive body forces were many anecdotes in circulation, shall be the historical model of Efraim Longstocking (father of Pippi Longstocking ) in the children's books by the Swedish writer Astrid Lindgren.

Pictures of Carl Emil Pettersson