Carl Hanser Verlag

The Carl Hanser Verlag GmbH & Co. KG was founded in 1928 by Carl Hanser in Munich and is one of the few medium-sized publishing companies in German-speaking countries, which are still owned by the founding family.


From the beginning, the publisher is engaged in the two different fields of fiction and literature, the publishing activity rested 1933-1946 for fiction. The foundation stone was laid of the specialist publishing to participation in the journal Industrial Technology and in 1933 made ​​integration into the publisher. The activity on which the journals sector is today with 21 titles besides literature and specialist book another mainstay.

The founder Carl Hanser retired in 1976 from active publishing line back in 1985 he died. Since 1996 belongs to Wolfgang Beisler at one of the grandson Carl Hanser management. Michael Kruger was here until 2013 managing director; was succeeded by Jo Lendle.

In 1961, Carl Hanser Verlag, one of eleven founding partners of the German paperback publishing ( dtv ), in 1954 he was one of the founders of the book series The Books of nineteen. In 1993, the joint venture " Hanser Gardner Publications, Inc. " in Cincinnati / Ohio was founded. Also in 1993, the publisher expanded its activities to children 's literature. In 1995, Hanser the Fachbuchverlag Leipzig and the Sanssouci publisher. Since 1999, Hanser Children and Youth books are published under the name " series Hanser " as Paperbacks at dtv. In the field of audio books Hanser Verlag 1993 was a co-founder of the " DHV - The Hörverlag " early there.

Current Situation

Today, the publisher is one of the few publishers in Germany that do not belong to a large group. At the sites in Munich and Leipzig about 200 people are employed and have a turnover of about 50 million euros. Subsidiaries acquired in 1996 Paul Zsolnay Verlag in Vienna with the 2004 purchased Deuticke publisher, acquired in 1999 by Nagel & Kimche Verlag in Zurich, the Sanssouci publisher and Hanser Publications, LLC in Cincinnati / USA. Investments made ​​at DHV and dtv. Since November 2010, also belongs to the Hanser- group Henrich Publications GmbH, based in Gilching, a publisher of technical journals with readers mainly in the manufacturing industry, in mechanical engineering, metal processing and in the electrical trade, internal logistics and energy industries. For fall 2012, the first program of the new subsidiary " Hanser Berlin" was announced. Managing Director of the new publishing house in Berlin is the editor Elisabeth Ruge.

The publisher of the magazine Cicero According to 2010 survey Hanser is with authors such as Herta Müller, Martin Mosebach, Reinhard Jirgl and David Grossman currently the most important publisher of German -language literature.

In the area of ​​child and adolescent Paper, Hanser could always secure the rights of major writers to this day. Among other things, by Hanser Write David Almond, John Green, Finn-Ole Heinrich, Janne Teller, Peter Pohl and Rafik Shami.

Hanser textbook published technical and non-fiction books in the fields of computer technology, business and knowledge. With their computer books, the publisher, the divisions programming, software development, IT project management and online marketing covers it and turns with tailor-made solutions to experts and users. On Hanser update the authors of the range computer book news and technical articles blog on IT topics.