Carola Dombeck

Carola Dombeck ( born June 25, 1960 in Merseburg ) is a former German gymnast device. Your home club was the SC Chemie Halle.

Carola Dombeck won in 1975 at the East German youth championship in the all around, uneven bars and in the horse jump. In the GDR Championship 1976 she won the contest in the horse jump and qualified for the Olympic team. In Montreal in the 1976 Olympic Games she won after a completely failed exercise on balance beam 33rd place in the eight- fight and the third place with the team. In its special discipline she reached the finals. With a " hunched -over Alto" ( Hand - supporting vault handspring piked front somersault with ) finished it in the horse jump - finals on points with Lyudmila Turischtschewa second place behind Nelli Kim. In 1976 she was awarded the Patriotic Order of Merit in bronze.

Carola Dombeck completed a physical education teacher education at the DHfK in Leipzig and worked at the Institute for Teacher Education in Halle.