Catch Wrestling Association

The Catch Wrestling Association ( CWA) was a branch in Austria and Germany Wrestling promotion, which was 1973-1999.


The CWA was led by former AWA champion Otto Wanz and had its headquarters in Graz, Austria. A little later a German section of the CWA was founded in Bremen, which was conducted in Wanz ' name from the former wrestler and wrestler Peter William.

The CWA worked closely with other international wrestling promotions, such as the New Japan Pro Wrestling and the AWA. For this purpose, which was " Catch- Europe Festival " held (also known as "Euro Catch Festival " known) in Hannover, Bremen and Graz.

The CWA was later many top stars from other leagues often as a career springboard. Among other things, Owen Hart, Chris Benoit, John Layfield, Paul Roma, Ulf Herman and "Cowboy" Bob Orton were committed in the CWA.

After the closure of the promotion that based in Austria section began with the alignment of various strength sports events.

Pictures of Catch Wrestling Association