Center for Economic Studies

The Center for Economic Studies ( CES) is an independent institute at the Faculty of Economics at the Ludwig- Maximilians- University of Munich.

It promotes international exchange in Finance and other economic areas. For this, the CES supports visiting scientists in Munich pursue their research projects and keep in return short lecture series.

Since its founding in 1991, it has helped over 400 scientists at CES as a guest. The work of the CES is accompanied by a scientific committee and supported, composed of some 20 international experts.


CES was founded on 18 January 1991. Among the first guests included Gary Becker, David Bradford, Richard Musgrave and David Wildasin. In 1994 CES was the co-editor of the journal Economic Policy, Europe's leading scientific journal in the field of economic policy. That same year, CES awarded for the first time the Distinguished CES Fellow. Since 1998 the CES as one of the first institutes worldwide the opportunity to participate via the Internet to the economic discussion of his community. 1998, the in-house research group was increased significantly.

Since 1999, CES is cooperating with the Ifo Institute, one of the largest economic research institutes in Germany. Both organizations have since been part of the CESifo Group, and the driving force behind, to strengthen the links between economic theory and empirical research, to promote the personal and professional contact with the global science and to make Munich as to the economics and economic policy research platform.

Distinguished CES Fellow

Since 1994, the CES awards every year the award " Distinguished CES Fellow". Previous winners were: