Cerro Bonete

The Cerro Bonete (the small Bonete ) is a massive mountain in the Sierra del Veladero in Hochkordillere of the Andes in the province of La Rioja in the northwest of Argentina, near the border with Chile, with a height of 6759 m close to the level of candidate for the second highest mountain in South America, Monte Pissis and Ojos del Salado arriving and thus is the fourth highest mountain in South America. Always re-emerging allegations, the summit lies on 6872 m and the Bonete is therefore actually the second highest mountain in South America, can not mimic according to the SRTM data.

The Cerro Bonete is often confused with the 800 m lower Cerro Grande Bonete the great Bonete. The confusion arose from the fact that the great Bonete carries a small cone or pointed hat, while the lower Bonete Grande acts as a whole like a big pointy hat, even though he almost invisible on the southern slopes of the adjacent Pissis and north of the giant volcanic crater Escondido or the Caldera del Inca lies.

Pictures of Cerro Bonete