Chandra Mukhi

  • Salman Khan: Raja Rai
  • Sridevi Chandra Mukhi
  • Maya Alagh: Chandra Mukhis mother
  • Monish Bahl: Tony
  • Gulshan Grover: Madan

Chandra Mukhi (Hindi: चन्द्रमुखी, Candramukhī ) is a Hindi film of Debaloy Dey from the year 1993.


Chandramukhi is a princess from another planet. She longs to come to earth and get to know the people there. In an attack Chandramukhi drop the magical powers of the earth, who protect their planet. They also come to Earth and has to find until the next full moon time their forces again, otherwise their planet and her family will die. On Earth, she meets a boy Raja, who is mistreated by his uncle. With their personal forces, they can be Raja grown overnight so he can defend himself against his uncle. They fall in love and run away to regain Rajas grandfather and Chandramukhis magical powers. You are doing, followed by Rajas uncle who wants to see her dead Raja to come to his heritage and the evil Dhola, who wants to take over the magical powers that rule over Chandramukhis planet.