Chantal Akerman

Chantal Akerman ( born June 6, 1950 in Brussels) is a Belgian film director.


Chantal Akerman is the daughter of Holocaust survivors from Poland, through which it reflected well on film. A study on the Belgian film school broke Akerman in 1967 after a few months. In 1968, she studied drama in Paris and entered next with short and experimental films to the public. Your following films were mostly portraits of women or feminist issues were the subject. Here, Akerman distanced initially in the imagery and technique radically from the usual entertaining narrative cinema. In her recent films, she was this radically more and more in favor of a more conventional structure and narrative style. Meanwhile, her oeuvre amounts to over forty short and long films in which documentary and fiction, comic and tragic, self-awareness and foreign exploration are treated with a peculiarly gentle rigor.

On the Documenta11 their film installation From the Other Side (2002) was shown. The Museum van Antwerpen Hedendaagse Art presented a retrospective in 2012.

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