Charles, Duke of Berry (1686–1714)

Charles of Bourbon, Duke of Berry (French Charles de Bourbon, duc de Berry ) ( born August 31, 1686, Versailles, † May 4, 1714 in Marly ) was Duke of Berry ( 1686), Count of Ponthieu, Duke of Alençon, and Duke of Angoulême ( 1710). As Prince of France, he was candidate for the French throne, which he renounced in 1712 to the Spanish throne.


Duke Charles was born as the third son of the Dauphin Louis de Bourbon and his wife Maria Anna of Bavaria in Versailles. He grew up at the court of his grandfather Louis XIV in 1710 and married Princess Marie Louise Elisabeth, the daughter of Duke Philip II of Orléans, the future Regent of France. From this marriage two children, Charles and Marie Louise went out, but 1713 and 1714 both of whom died shortly after birth.

In addition to the title of Duke of Berry Charles was also following other titles: Duke of Alençon and Angoulême, Count of Ponthieu ( 1710-1714 ). The title of Duke of Berry was awarded after his death until 1753 again, and indeed to the future King Louis XVI.

In the Peace of Utrecht in 1713 his older brother Philip was confirmed as King of Spain, but had to all claims in relation to the French crown forego both for himself and for his ruling descendants. This moved the Duke of Berry in the French line of succession to the second place after his nephew Ludwig born in 1710, the Duke of Anjou, later known as Louis XV. actually should be King of France.

Charles died in 1714 at the consequences of a hunting accident. Had the Duke lived longer, he would have come as a regent for the underage nor Ludwig in question on September 1 in 1715 after the death of Louis XIV.

His wife survived him only five years, where they often negatively struck by an unsettled life on the farm.

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