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The Chiba Station (Japanese千叶 駅, Chiba -eki ) is located in the district of Chūō ( "center" ) of the Japanese city of Chiba in Chiba Prefecture. He is the most important railway junction in the city and historically one of the germ cells of the growth of the city.


On July 20, 1894, the railway station on the sobu Main Line railway company sobu tetsudō was opened north of the community Chiba, who was only five years earlier by the merger of several villages around the castle Chiba. In February 1896, the Boso tetsudō closed the station as the end point of the Boso - line (today: Sotobo line) of Oami (in today's Oamishirasato ) to the southeast of the prefecture on.

1907 both were nationalized railway lines, and the station became the property of the state railway ( kokutetsu ) over. In the early 20th century Chiba grew rapidly into a major city, first industrial enterprises settled there. The importance of the station as a hub for passenger and freight traffic grew: All railway lines from the east of the prefecture in the direction of Tokyo went through the station. The further south running Keiyo Line was opened in the late 20th century.

The original station was further east than it is today, and the tracks of the Sotobo line led from the southwest into the station instead of, as now, from the southeast. Trains from Tokyo, which drove on the Sotobo line had to change the station, the direction of travel. In 1963 the station was moved to its present location and created a wedge Station, on the tracks of the West is seen, therefore, share in the direction of Tokyo; the direction change was unnecessary.

The new station was just north of Chiba Chiba - line Keisei Dentetsu. Opened in 1967, the Company there the " station at Chiba state railway station" (国 鉄 千叶 駅 前 駅, Kokutetsu Chiba -eki -mae -eki ), the 1987 - after the privatization of kokutetsu - has been renamed to Keisei Chiba Station; the former railway station on the Keisei Chiba was then Chiba Chūō ( " Chiba - middle ").

Beginning in 1975, drove freight trains of the state railway to Chiba station not more. In 1987, the state railway was divided and privatized, the station became the property of JR Higashi- Nihon (JR East) over.

Opened in 1991, the Chiba Monorail Station, 1995 additional tracks were created here for a second line.

Since 2010, the station is extensively remodeled. The renovated station is scheduled to open in 2015.

Design and tracks

The Chiba Station on the JR station is designed as a wedge: Seen from the north-west branches Sotobo the line here to the right of the sobu Main Line from, the station building is located at the junction between the two routes. The tracks of the scale as a monorail Chiba Monorail cross the Sotobo - line on the east side of the station building, where there are also the platforms, and then run parallel to the sobu Main Line further to the northeast. The station building is therefore bounded on three sides by train tracks. The southern part of the monorail station platforms is already above the Keisei Chiba, which thereby becomes a tower station; the Keisei Chiba Line runs here from the west by the station exit further parallel to Sotobo - line to the southeast.

The JR railway station is on the north side two island platforms with four platform tracks on which the trains of sobu main, sobu express train and Narita - lines. At the three island platforms with six tracks on the south side of the trains of the Chuo- sobu - line border to the west and east of the Sotobo and Uchibō line. Also, here hold some branches off to the south Broad sobu - express line has the Chiba Monorail station four tracks on two central platforms: Lines 1 and 2 have here already separate tracks and divide east of the station. The Keisei Chiba Station is a breakpoint with two outside platforms, the Keisei station building is on the north side of the tracks.

In JR station building with a trapezoidal ground plan are out of the platform and access switches a fashion department store, a fast food chain and smaller stores. On a large square on the east side, at several local bus lines. Another part of the station is located in the south under the tracks of the Sotobo line. It south to the Keisei station building close to where a department store chain Sogo is housed.


The Chiba Station is the only occasionally, along about running every hour express trains Shiosai ( Tokyo / Shinjuku Choshi ), Azusa ( Chiba Matsumoto ), Shinjuku Sazanami approached ( Shinjuku Tateyama ) and from Shinjuku Kawashio ( Shinjuku Awakamogawa ). The Airport Shuttle Narita Airport Narita Express and the sobu - express B line partly also in Chiba. In regional and commuter traffic of the railway station is connected by the following lines:


In the south and south-east, the downtown Chiba joins with numerous high-rise buildings, which are used by department stores, corporate offices and public administration from Chiba prefecture and city. In the north- west and north beyond the shopping streets outside the station, especially densely built-up residential areas around the Park Chiba ( Chiba kōen ). In the direction of the harbor in the southwest and west, where industrial development and an urban development project are, pushing new high-rise buildings along the busy Chiba dōri the old residential and commercial buildings back.


With an average of 106 901 daily entrances of Chiba Station on the JR East is located at rank 29 of all stations of society. In the Keisei Chiba Station in 2007 there was an average of 23,866 entries and exits, he was below the stations Keisei Dentetsu to rank 17 Less than half, 10,320 passengers used time cards. 2006, the Chiba station was the most used station for the monorail with around 10,800 access points.

Weekdays operate 550 trains of JR, 363 Broad Chiba Monorail 208 trains and Keisei Dentetsu the station.

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