Chilean Coast Range


Cordillera de la Costa

F Cordillera de la Costa is the coastal mountains in Chile.


The coastal mountain range starts in the far north of Chile at El Morro in Arica and ends far to the south of Chile to the Taitao peninsula in the Región de Aysen.

However, the mountains are not as high as in the Andes, besides the mountain is intersected by many rivers of the Andes. The Coast Mountains are geologically much older than the Andes.

On the Cordillera de Río Imperial Nabuelbuta forms a preliminary endpoint, then the coastal mountains running in small sections on ( Cordillera Pelada, del Sarao, del Piuché and de Pirulil ). Over, it goes to the island of Chiloé and the Chonos Archipelago to Taitao Peninsula.

The highest mountains of the coastal range located in the Sierra Vicuña Mackenna south of Antofagasta with the mountain Vicuña Mackenna ( 3114 m). In central Chile are the mountains of Altos de Cantillana ( 2318 m), El Roble ( 2222 m), Vizcachas ( 2108 m) and La Campana (1910 m).

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