Christian Ludwig Ideler

Christian Ludwig Ideler ( born September 21, 1766 Gross Breese at Pearl Mountain; † August 10, 1846 in Berlin) was a German astronomer.

From 1794 he was Astronomer Royal and calculator of the national calendar. In 1810 he became a member of the Royal Prussian Academy of Sciences and a member of the deputation calendar. On 18 December 1814, he received the philosophical honorary doctorate from the University of Berlin. He taught at the royal court from 1816 to 1822, the Prince William, Frederick and Charles. From 1821 Ideler was a professor at the University of Berlin and at the same time study director of the Corps of Cadets, a teacher at the Academy of Forestry and the general war school in Berlin.

His son was the voice and naturalist Julius Ludwig Ideler. His nephew was the psychiatrist Karl Wilhelm Ideler. His son was the constitutional lawyer Wilhelm Eduard Albrecht.