Christine Werner

Christine Werner ( born August 26, 1954 in Vienna) is an Austrian writer. She is the author of dramas, literary cabaret, radio plays, web art, photo art, poetry and prose.


The Born in 1954, Christine Werner lives in Vienna and in Styria. She describes herself as a writer, network and performance artist.

Werner writes dramas, literary cabaret, poetry, plays, short stories and novels. She is a member of the Graz Authors Author Assembly, the author Linzer circle and in the union öda (Austrian dialect authors ). Werner received several grants from the Austrian Federal Government and had read and cabaret performances in Austria and Germany.

Prizes and awards


  • My shoes dig, poetry, publishing G. Grasl, Baden near Vienna 1996
  • A few inches above the knee, novel, resistance Verlag, Linz / Vienna 1999
  • Vienna is not Chicago, novel, resistance Verlag, Linz / Vienna 2000
  • Away & hurt, a travel bug, stories, Sisyphus Verlag, Vienna 2002
  • A handful of raspberries, radio play, ORF OE1, Vienna 2002
  • Damn, novella, Arovell Verlag, Gosau 2008
  • Unemployment police, prose, Arovell Verlag, Gosau Salzburg Vienna 2009
  • The candy factory in the school banking specialist, editor, Anthology, Arovell Verlag, Gosau Salzburg Vienna 2011