Typist is an Austrian cultural magazine that was launched in 1998 by the Literature Department of the Forum Stadtpark in Graz as a journal for cultural feature to life and has been published since 1999 by the "edition typist " in Graz twice a year. The support is given as 500.

Each issue is addressed in essays and feuilletonistic texts from a five-member editorial team ( Hermann Goetz, Robert Hutter, Hannes Luxbacher, Andreas R. Peternell, Werner Schandor ) chosen topic. Is supplemented subjects part of every issue of selected literary publications and a detailed review section primarily on contemporary literature from micro and small publishers. The typist thus provides medial underrepresented publishers a review forum.

Previously published 25 books (including 1 double issue ) on the following topics: world end (1998), recurrent (1999), disgusting (2000), wait, Please ( 2001), for real? (2001), violent (2002), shred (2003 ), intrinsically (2003), burner mania (2004), and now? (2005), behavior (2005), middle (2006), patient special ( 2007), nor ask? (2007) Forever ( 2008), all the best (2008), Enough ( 2009), Seriously? (2009), borderline (2010), homemade (2010 /11) pay, please (2011 /12), bon voyage (2012), but surely (2012 /13), pretty stupid (2013 )

In the typist publish authors from Austria, Switzerland and Germany. Besides arrivierten authors repeatedly lesser known writers or journalists to speak. In the typist published to date include:

Bettina Balàka, Moritz Bassler, Julian Blunk, Helwig Brunner, Thomas E. Brunnsteiner, Martin penitents, Adelheid Dahimène, Ann Cotten, German Julius Bauer & Gerhard Spring, Hans Durrer, Klaus Ebner, Helmut Eisendle, Bernhard Flieher, Franzobel, Harald A. Friedl, Brigitte fox, Peter Glaser, Egyd Gstättner, Wolf Haas, Sonja Harter, Klaus Händl, Michael Helming, Wilhelm Hengstler, Pia Hierzegger, Christian Ide Hintze, Paul Hochgatterer, Bernhard Horwatitsch, Max Hofler, Elfriede Jelinek, Ralf B. Korte, Markus Kohle, Michael Koehn, Christian Loidl, Mayröcker, Kitty Medusa, Gisela Müller, Andreas Okopenko, Helga Pankratz, Andreas R. Peternell, Claus Philipp, Peter Piller, Wolfgang Pollanz, Birgit Polzl, Teresa Präauer, Manfred Prisching, Monika Rinck, Peter Rosei, Werner Schandor, Ferdinand Schmatz, Katja Schmid, Stefan Schmitzer, Helmuth Schönau, Franz Schuh, Werner Schwab, Gudrun summer, Enno Stahl, Roland Steiner, Christine Werner, Dirk Werner, Serge Wiemer, Daniel Wisser, Christiane Zintzen.