Klaus Ebner

Klaus Ebner ( born August 8, 1964 in Vienna) is an Austrian writer and translator. He is the author of prose, essays, and German as well as Catalan poetry.

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After graduating in 1982 Ebner began studying the Roman and German Philology and Translation Studies at the University of Vienna. At the same time, he worked in a literary society, and worked from 1983 to 1986 at the Viennese literary magazine " TEXT " with. After graduating, he offered translation services to, led courses and worked in IT training projects. From 1998 to 2002 Ebner graduated additionally the work-study program " European Economics and Business Management " at the University of Applied Sciences bfi Vienna.

Ebner lives and works in Vienna. He is a member of the Graz authors Autorenversammlung, the Austrian Writers 'Association, the Writers' Association The Cog and IG authors authors.


Since the end of schooling smaller prose, poetry and radio plays emerged. With Catalan linguistics and literature Ebner addressed later in a number of relevant articles and reviews. Poetry, he writes in German and Catalan.

During the 1990s he published a few literary texts, but authored technical articles, mainly for magazines output / Eurocom in Austria, Inside OS / 2 in Germany and NT and AIX Update Update in the UK. He also wrote nonfiction software and network issues for publishers Data Becker, Market & Technology, IWT, TEWI and Microsoft Press.

In the same decade, he began the novel fire Geraun; Jewish and Biblical traditions The writer of Aram in 1994 and The Law 1997 are the focus of these two chapters: two chapters were published it in early versions of the Upper Austrian literature magazine ramp. . In 2007, a cultural and historical travel essay on the Pyrenees principality of Andorra .. Since 2009, the author was occurs, increasingly, as a reviewer in appearance. He has published reviews in magazines Etcetera, Driesch and typist as well as in the online magazine culture online.


Works in German language

  • Without gum; Prose, Arovell Verlag, Gosau - Vienna -Salzburg 2013; ISBN 978-3-902808-36-3
  • There and elsewhere; Travel literature and essays, Mitter Verlag, Wels 2011, ISBN 978-3-9502828-9-4
  • Andorran impressions; Essay, Wieser Verlag, Klagenfurt 2011, ISBN 978-3-85129-934-2
  • Why the gnats danced round your sight; Poetry, Art Edition Science, St. Wolfgang 2011, ISBN 978-3-902157-88-1
  • Hominid; Narrative, FMP Verlag, Wien 2008, ISBN 978-3-9502299-7-4
  • On the brink; Short prose, Arovell Verlag, Gosau - Vienna -Salzburg 2008, ISBN 978-3-902547-67-5
  • Lots; Short stories, Edition Nove, Teasing market in 2007, ISBN 978-3-85251-197-9

Works in Catalan

  • Vermells ( reddening), poetry (contains German translations of the author ), setting events, Urús 2009, ISBN 978-84-92555-10-9
  • El perquè de dead plegat ( The cause of all this ); Poetry, in: La Catalana de Lletres 2004 Cossetània Edicions, Barcelona 2005, ISBN 84-9791-098-2


  • Freedom is a dim light; Essay. In: clearings No. 109, Graz 2007
  • The attraction of prophecy; Essay. In: mush No. 99, Graz 2006
  • The Gfrett with the reform; Essay on the German spelling reform. In: Literary Austria No. 2/ 04, Vienna 2004

Prizes and awards

1982 Ebner was awarded the Grand Austrian Youth Prize for the novel The stigma. As a member of the Jury Hans Weigel had highlighted the text. One year after the award ceremony, the amendment has been printed in several episodes of Israel's German-language daily newspaper Israel messages.

The International Poetry Prize Nosside the poem was a Zettler honored by a mention and inclusion in the competition anthology. The jury spoke of a large urban dreariness that'll embodied by the homeless Zettler, whose meal consisted of loneliness. The poem reads:

A Zettler forget quite ill in a drunken stupor, the wagon wheels lock tough his meal consists of loneliness garnished with nostalgia for things past infatuated with loud shouts hope as long ago she went out

Early 2008, Ebner was awarded the Vienna Workshop Award in 2007. The winner of text The wing load, a short story that deals with a hospitalized with cancer seven year old girl. Here, the narrative style of the child's perspective -oriented. The winning text of the division essay, titled The Remains of the White Knights? , Gives an insight into the medieval novel Tirant lo Blanch the Listeners Valencia Joanot Martorell.