Neue Sirene

The German literary magazine New siren was founded in 1994 and published twice a year. It is printed in German and international literature, the latter in the original language with German translation. The magazine wants to " fan out stylistic and thematic variety of international contemporary literature " in this way. In addition, each number also includes art photographs. As editor draws Bettina Hohoff.

The New siren ( ISSN 0945-9995 ) Since Volume 21 ( 2007), published as a book series entitled Pioneering contemporary literature. The concept of mixture of German and international literature was retained. According editorial the following three groups of authors are juxtaposed on an equal footing:

  • Authors writing in German with German native language,
  • German authors writing in different native languages ​​, and
  • Foreign-language authors whose texts are printed in the original language and in translation.

The New Siren posted only first editions, this also applies to well-established authors such as Jean Cocteau, Emily Dickinson, Imre Kertész, Eugenio Montale, Sylvia Plath and Rainer Maria Rilke. Each number is preceded by an introductory editorial. Among the published authors include Adonis, Michael Basse, Monika Dieck, Klaus Ebner, Michael Eisele, İsmet Elçi, Simone Frieling, Helga Gruschka, Claudia Hopfner, Dietrich Krusche, Gellu Naum, Lutz Rathenow, Wolfgang Sréter, Renata Zambrzycka, Liao Yiwu, Bulent Kaçan and others.