Feldkircher Lyrikpreis

The Feldkirch Poetry Prize is a Poetry Prize, awarded since 2003 in the town of Feldkirch in Vorarlberg.

The Poetry Prize

Is awarded, initiated by the artist and writer Erika Kronabitter Poetry Prize since 2003 by the Theater am Saumarkt in Feldkirch. Sponsors are the Austrian Federal Government, Vorarlberg government institutions, banks and a private foundation.

The literature prize will be awarded internationally. The changing jury is made up of German scholars and authors as well as the previous winner. At a public reading event the winners will be announced to the public in the autumn. The Vorarlberg State Library archives the winner texts.

Since 2008 Erika Kronabitter is an anthology of the award-winning texts in the Austrian Publisher Edition Art Science in the series of poetry presence out. The texts from 2003 to 2007 published in the first volume, then the Issuer per year published a volume with an overview of the best submissions.

Award winners

The Student Competition 2009 anagram absolutely Rinderer were Sarah and Johanna Moll excellent.