Christopher Buckley (novelist)

Christopher Tylor Buckley ( born December 24, 1952 in New York City ) is an American author. He has enjoyed success with political satires.


After attending a prestigious private school, he studied as well as his father, William F. Buckley at Yale. There he was a member of the fraternity " Skulls and Bones", emerged from the high-ranking politicians, writers and men of business.

After his student years he was editor of Esquire and speechwriter for George HW Bush. From these experiences, his first book, " The White House Mess", which, however, remained unknown was born. It was not until his second book "Thank you for Smoking " he excited the first time sensation. This was followed by books like " Little Green Men " or "Florence of Arabia", both of which should also appear as a movie.


  • White House Mess ( 1986)
  • Wet Work ( 1991)
  • Thank you for Smoking (1994 ), dt Thank you smoke here, Translator Friedhelm Rathjen, Haffmans Verlag 1996 eponymous 2005 film adaptation starring Aaron Eckhart and Maria Bello, directed by Jason Reitman