Christopher Lennertz

Christopher Joseph Lennertz ( born January 2, 1972 in Methuen, Massachusetts) is an American composer of film, television series and video game music.


He attended music school in Thornton, where he studied with Academy Award - winner Elmer Bernstein. He gained a lot of experiences by Michael Kamen and Basil Poledouris by employees of some works. It was founded in 2003 as the best composer for the video game Medal of Honor: Rising Sun award. His breakthrough with background music, he obtained not only by video games, but also through films such as Dr. Dolittle 3

Filmography (selection)

Video Games

  • 2003: Medal of Honor: Rising Sun
  • 2004: Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault
  • 2005: 187 Ride or Die
  • 2005: From Russia With Love ( From Russia with Love )
  • 2005: Medal of Honor: European Assault
  • 2005: GUN
  • 2007: The Simpsons Game
  • 2008: Quantum of Solace
  • 2009: The Godfather 2
  • 2011: The Sims 3 - Generations Pets