The Perfect Holiday

The Perfect Holiday is an American comedy film from the year 2007. Directed by Lance Rivera, the screenplay is by Lance Rivera, Marc Calixte, Nat Mauldin and Jeff Stein.


The divorced from music producer J- Jizzy Nancy is a single mother of three children. Her daughter Emily gets with that Nancy would like to see a man tells her something nice.

Nancy brings her children before Christmas in a shopping mall, in which the family to make as Santa Claus seller Benjamin Armstrong hits. Armstrong dreams of a career as a singer and songwriter. Emily brings Armstrong to make Nancy a compliment. The man goes, but the children find him and bring him along with Nancy.


John Anderson wrote in the journal Variety of 7 December 2007, the film had much life force, but he was " stale " and " predictable ". The cast is good - except for Morris Chestnut, who seem to think he does not kick on in a romantic comedy, but in a fashion catalog.


The film was shot in Hoboken (New Jersey ) and in some other places in New Jersey. He was summoned to the selected movie journalists on 5 December 2007. The wide release in theaters in the USA will start on 12 December 2007.