Chronicle of Seert

The Chronicle of Seert (also: Se ` ert, Siirt or in Germany Söört ) is a probably written around 1036 Christian- Arab Chronicle. The content is based on several Syrian sources, including on a church history from the 7th century, written by Daniel bar Maryam. The name of the chronicle is based on the locality of the manuscript, the place Siirt in Turkey. The preserved part of the chronicle describes the period of 251-422 and 484-650 of and is composed of Nestorian view.

The Chronicle contains important information regarding the situation of Christians in the Sassanid Empire, the Christianization of the city of Merv, there is, among other things information about the military operations currently Schapurs I. and contains a catalog of the writings of Theodore of Mopsuestia.

Issues / translations

  • Addai shear, inter alia, (Ed.): Patrologia Orientalis. Vol IV.3, V.2, VII.2 and XIII.4. Paris 1908-19 ( text with French translation ).