Circus Knie

The Circus Knie is a Swiss circus, which has its roots in a rope dancers and artists venture founded in 1806.


Founded in 1806, the Austrian doctor son Frederick knee a rope dancers and artists companies. As of 1814, the knee appeared regularly in Switzerland. From 1919, they named their company Swiss National Circus brothers knee.

Also in 1919 erected the knee, the permanent winter quarters in Rapperswil on Lake Zurich, where in the sideshow free time animal acts and other program numbers have been practiced. In the same year she earned her first circus tent with 2,500 seats. 1934, the circus was transformed into a corporation.

High-wire costume, worn by the brothers Friedrich, Rudolf, Karl and Eugen knee, around 1910, the City Museum in Rapperswil

1941 took over Fredy Knie senior at the age of 21 years with his brother Rolf in the fifth generation of the circus, and guided him as the " Grand Seigneur of horse training " over 51 years until 1992.

Meanwhile, is the eighth generation of the knee dynasty in the circus arena. Fredy Knie Jr. applies ( like his father Fredy Knie senior) as a large capacity in horse dressage, Franco Knie senior than that of elephants. About 100 animals live and work in the circus operation. The animals will be criticized by animal rights activists repeatedly as not animal friendly.

The company is today by Franz knee ( called Franco Knie sen. ) ( Board President and Technical Director), Fredy Knie jun. ( Artis Phonetic Director) and Richard Schärer ( chief financial officer ) conducted and is called Swiss National Circus.

Rapperswil 's Children

1962 opened Fredy Knie Sr. and Rolf Knie in Rapperswil Children's knees. This invites each March to October to visit one. In contrast to other zoos in the direct contact with over 400 animals from around the world is in the foreground. Some of the children zoos accompanied the circus as Wanderzoo on his tour in Switzerland. Benjamin Sinniger together with Dr. Hans Peter Steinmetz Knies Children's Zoo since 1 October 2000.


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