ÄŒKD T-669 diesel locomotive

The ČSD Series T 669.0 (from 1988: Series 770 ) is a diesel-electric locomotive of the former Czechoslovak State Railways ( ČSD ). Derived from the series designation ЧМЭ3 (read CMe3, so third type of diesel-electric (E) shunting (M) of Czechoslovakian ( Č ) manufacturing) export locomotives from the Soviet railways owe the locomotives her nickname Čmelák ( German: Bumblebee ) and their driving noises. With approximately 8200 copies, this design is one of the most built locomotives at all.


The machine was created in 1963 as an export order for the former Soviet Union and other countries such as Albania. It is very likely that the customer has called for efficient maintenance and spare parts, to use as many components and units of ČSD Series T 458.1. After completion of 3 prototypes this end of 1963 were extensively tested on the tracks of ČSD. The excellent results proved that these locomotives can also be used in the manufacturing country. After adaptation to the specific needs of the ČSD procured then from 1967 further locomotives.

107 more locomotives were delivered in 1967 and 1969 of SMZ in Dubnica to the ČSD and some industrial enterprises. In 1968, the storage of the locomotive body was reconstructed on the bogies at SMZ Dubnica. This led to the series ČSD Series T 669.1. 1977 and 1979 was followed by another 2 machines of CKD Prague.

Although the machines have a rather fremdländisches appearance for Central Europe ( Her interior layout is similar to that of GM locomotives. It was one of the demands of the Soviet purchaser, that was based here on the construction of those locomotives which were delivered in 1944 as war aid to the USSR were. ), they could yet meet all the requirements in their 40 -year service life always. Its field was the heavy shifting service and the transport of Nahgüterzügen.

With the introduction of the computerized system of numbers in 1988, the locomotives were given the new designation 770 with only 3 -digit order number. By 2005, the locomotives of ČD were then gradually phased out, especially because lower transport services can be taken over by the smaller series 742. Even with the ZSR was the use of these locomotives in 2009, shortly before the end. The broad gauge locomotives of the 770.8 or 771.8 but are still used in eastern Slovakia.

Some of the locomotives was acquired by private companies for the construction train service. Some of the locomotives were supplied to industrial railways or are used today by private providers, but also 10 Slovak locomotive of the series 771 were modernized. You got some new engines, often completely new structures. You wear series designations 772, 773 or 774 in the countries of the former Soviet Union, the ЧМЭ3 are still in use. In Albania, the T 669 still. During Hekurudha Shqiptare as prevalent locomotive ( and now also the only applicable type ) in use

One of the prototypes is now in the Railway Museum Lužná u Rakovníka.

On 23 March 2008 was 770 005 stanica in Bratislava Hlavná.