Dubnica nad Váhom

Dubnica nad Váhom ( German Dubnitz at the Waag, Hungarian Máriatölgyes - to 1902 Dubnic ) is a city in the north-west Slovakia.

The city was first mentioned in 1193 as Dubnicza and was until 1927 only Dubnica, after which it was provided with the attribute nad Váhom ( "at the Waag "). Apart from the actual place Dubnica nad Váhom also heard the place Prejta (1973 incorporated ) to the city.


During the Second World War was from 1944 a branch operation of the aircraft engine Ostmark in Dubnica. He was in a huge, multi-story bunker (320 × 125 m). The bunker had been provided by the Czechs before 1938 on the laying of weapons production in the event of a German attack.


Based in Dubnica are the football club MFK Dubnica, who is currently (as of 20xx ) Corgoň in the league ( the highest Slovak league ) competes, as well as the hockey club MHK Dubnica, who played several years in the Extraliga.

Sons and daughters of the town

  • Martin Mahdar (* 1989), cyclist
  • Pavol Demitra (* 1974, † 2011), ice hockey player