ClickandBuy International Limited [ ˌ klɪk əndbaɪ ] ( engl. literally 'click ' and buy ' " ) is one of the leading e-money provider and a subsidiary of Deutsche Telekom AG.


Before the first use register Internet buyers and deposit their bank details or credit card information with ClickandBuy. Registration is done only once and is free. In subsequent online purchases only ClickandBuy username and password be specified for the transmission of e-money balances from the buyer to the seller, the means of payment information are included with ClickandBuy. The payment processing via ClickandBuy made ​​by direct debit, credit card or " charged " prepaid balance. About a spending limit user can specify the maximum monthly amounts for payments by ClickandBuy. The management of personal data is carried out via an online account through which the users can also view their ClickandBuy account status and the payments made. Opening and maintenance of ClickandBuy account and payments are free of charge for customers with a credit account but commitment fees are charged when a year no transaction (purchase or deposit) is done. Fall for the charging of credit for future use only charged when it is made by credit card. In this case, the fee is 3.9% of the total. Disbursements of funds from a ClickandBuy account are - except for account closure - for a nominal fee of 1.85 euros. In a payment transaction in foreign currency, the currency premium is 5.9% of this amount of money exchanged. Depending on the online retailer can pay their Online-/Mobil-Käufe also by a simplified registration without full registration via ClickandBuy initial and occasional users. Since mid-2012, ClickandBuy users can make via the ClickandBuy Mobile App purchases online via their smartphone. The app is available for free for iOS and Android devices.


About ClickandBuy online and mobile purchases of more than 14 million customers in more than 120 currencies in all major national and international payment methods are carried out worldwide. Over 16,000 international registered online shops support this payment system.

Examples of well-known online stores that accept payments through a ClickandBuy account: Apple iTunes Store, T- Online Music Load, bwin, Media Markt,, Games Load, RTL, eHarmony,, Dixons and Spiegel Online.


Founded in Cologne in 1999, the First Gate Internet AG developed the business model of Internet payment system ClickandBuy.

In 2006, the operations were transferred to a newly formed company in the UK ( ClickandBuy International Limited) and continued by the latter on the basis of a UK license for issuing and managing of e-money.

2010 the ClickandBuy Group has been a wholly owned subsidiary of Deutsche Telekom AG. The companies of the ClickandBuy Group companies employ at their locations worldwide more than 150 employees.

Payment methods

Direct Transfer (direct link to online banking a user ) users pay Online-/Mobil-Käufe using the PIN and TAN procedures of their respective bank. Prerequisite is an online banking enabled account with appropriate access. Direkt.Ident provider of adult content check with ClickandBuy Direkt.Ident immediately and without media online bank account and the age of a buyer. Firstgate users pay online or mobile without registration and freely selectable modes of payment. Online stores are connected via interfaces to a credit card acquirer or banks and settled payment transactions via common international payment methods technically.

Data Security

ClickandBuy is authorized as a certified payment system certified by TÜV as well as e-money institution under the Electronic Money Regulations 2011. With the PCI -DSS Level 1 certification ClickandBuy meets the highest safety standard of the credit card industry. This certifies Germany's leading auditor SRC on behalf of VISA, MasterCard and AMEX ClickandBuy. The website carries the McAfee Secure seal. This confirms that the website and the backend portal is checked daily by McAfee for potential access to personal information, phishing or other online dangers.

Buyer Protection

Where a paid ClickandBuy shipping not one in the mail the buyer, ClickandBuy mediates between suppliers and buyers and refunded after inspection and acceptance of the application for protection buyer the purchase price ( including delivery costs).


In December 2000, journalist Tom Brankamp and Michael Tobias revealed in Handelsblatt that the payment system ClickandBuy has security holes. The authors demonstrated that they were able to bypass the security systems easily and unmolested to the detriment of third parties could purchase through ClickandBuy. The security architecture of ClickandBuy has been touched up immediately after the article.

In the recent past, fraud cases with iTunes accounts that have been paid for using ClickandBuy repeated. These purchases were made ​​by strangers, and in some cases considerable amounts billed without authorization via the ClickandBuy account. Apple responds normally accommodating. Salient common feature of all victims is that it very often are InApp purchases. A display at the German police is not very helpful as a rule, since the amounts of individual victims are often too small to seriously carry out investigations abroad. More helpful would be a message to the British Banking Financial Services Authority ( FSA).