Clydebank (Gaelic Bruach Chluaidh ) is a city on the north bank of the Clyde on the outskirts of Glasgow in western Scotland. It has about 46,000 inhabitants. Clydebank was founded in 1886 and served as a residential area for the early workers in the nearby shipyards.

One of the most famous shipyards was John Brown & Company, where most of the ships of the famous Cunard Line were built, including the Queen Mary, the Queen Elizabeth and Queen Elizabeth 2 Other famous ships in the shipyard were the Passierschiff Lusitania and the battlecruiser HMS Hood. Another major employer in the city was the Singer Company.

Because of the important shipyards Clydebank was bombed heavily during the Second World War have become the targets of the German Air Force and in the nights of 13 and 14 March 1941.