The abbreviation stands for CMM:

  • Air Mali, African Airline ( ICAO code )
  • Capability Maturity Model in software development
  • Carboxymethyl - morpholine
  • Casopis Matice Moravské, historical journal
  • Clearinghouse Multimedia
  • ColorManagementModule in the field of digital image processing and printing
  • Columbia Mental Maturity Scale, an intelligence test for primary school children
  • Conférence Mennonite Mondiale, the official French designation of an international consortium of Mennonite churches
  • Congregation Fratrum Mariae Virginis Matris Beatae Misericordiae, including the Fraters van Tilburg and the Missionaries of Mariannhill
  • Congreso Mundial Menonita, the official Spanish name of an international consortium of Mennonite churches
  • Conventional Medical Management in Medicine, to distinguish it from the newly developed, most technically sophisticated treatments, for example in the treatment of pain
  • Coordinate Measuring Machine in Mechanical Engineering ( German coordinate measuring machine )
  • Corpus mensurabilis Musicae, an edition number of old polyphonic music
  • Multi purpose branch pipe with C-coupling and water curtain according to DIN 14 365
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