Codepage 949

The code page 949 (Korean 코드 페이지 949, aliases, United Hangul Code (Korean 통합형 한글 코드, english Unified Hangul Code (UHC ) ), sometimes also Advanced Wansung (English Extended Wansung ) ) is a character encoding of the Windows operating system, with Windows 95 was adopted. It is backward compatible with EUC -KR and united the two Korean fonts Wansung (KS X 1001) and Johab.

For Korea, there were two different fonts: the Wansung character set (Korean 완성 ) encoding only the Hangul syllable blocks that are used in the Korean language ( 2350 ), and the Johab character set that encodes all possible Hangul syllables, even those that do not exist in the Korean language (a total of 11,172 ). The code page is 949 8822 free code points of Wansung character set with the additional Hangul syllable blocks of Johab character set.

The code page 949 is just as EUC -KR, a variable 16- bit encoding, ie, a character can be either one or two bytes. The characters in the range 0x00 - 0x7F are identical to KS X 1003 and consist of one byte. By contrast, the characters in the range 0x81 - 0xFE consist of two bytes, but in contrast to EUC -KR, the following byte can also range from 0x41 - 0x7A are.

Since Windows XP and the original encoding EUC -KR is offered as code page 51949.