Constance of Burgundy

Constance of Burgundy (Spanish Constanza of Burgundy, † 1093 ) was by her second marriage with Alfonso VI. († 1109 ), a Queen of León - Castile. She was a daughter of Duke Robert I of Burgundy and Helie of Semur and thus a member of the House of Burgundy, a side branch of the Capetian dynasty.

In his first marriage Constance was married to Count Hugh II of Chalon -sur -Saône, with whom she had no children. Her husband accompanied probably in 1078, her nephew, Duke Hugh I of Burgundy, on his Spanish campaign, and died there. The Duke apparently took the opportunity to his widowed aunt with the King Alfonso VI. to marry of León - Castile, who had just separated from his first wife. The Spanish king had previously made ​​a religio-political approach to the monastery Association of Cluny Abbey, looking through a marriage with Constance to strengthen this relationship. The Abbot Hugh of Cluny was the mother her uncle. The wedding took place after the arrival of Constance in León for the year 1079/80 and held at the earliest in late 1080 her daughter Urraca was born, the first child of King Alfonso VI.

From then worked Konstanze as a mediator between León and Cluny, as well as to her family in Burgundy. 1087 drew her second nephew, Duke Odo I., to Spain to fight against the Moors. His entourage belonged to his brother Raymond of Burgundy, who was from the family of Burgundian free counts and was married in the same year with the Infanta Urraca. Constance died between July 25 and October 25, 1093rd On the former date they came for the last time in documents, while the latter date, Alfonso VI. the monks of Sahagún for prayers for the souls of the royal couple asked where Konstanze not occurred here as documentary petitioner because she was probably already dead. It was in the royal abbey Santos Facundo y Primitivo (later San Benito ) buried in Sahagún.