Copper indium gallium selenide



≈ 5.7 g/cm3

990-1070 ° C (x = 1-0)

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Copper -indium- gallium - diselenide (Brief description CIGS, chemical formula CuInxGa ( 1-x) Se2 ) is a I-III- VI compound semiconductor consisting of copper (Cu), indium (In), gallium (Ga) and selenium (Se ). It provides a solid solution of the two starting materials copper indium diselenide, often referred to as CIS and copper gallium diselenide, often referred to as CGS, represents the chemical bond associated with the chalcopyrites with space group I42d because of their crystal structure. On the mixing ratio of the two starting substances, expressed by the factor x in the chemical name of the can are in the range from 0 to 1, different material properties can be influenced. Thus, the band gap is dependent on the mixing ratio of 1.02 eV to 1.7 eV for x = 1-0. The band gap for pure copper indium diselenide is 1.02 eV.

CIGS is used among other things as a material in thin-film CIGS solar cells. By appropriate selection of the band gap semiconductor the application of this material in the PV can be optimized.