Craig Nicholls

Craig Robert Nicholls ( born August 31, 1977 in Sydney, Australia) is a singer, songwriter and guitarist for the rock band The Vines.


Craig went to high school and made after the tenth year of his degree. He founded The Vines with his high school friends Patrick Matthews on bass and David Oliffe on drums. At her first appearance with friends at a party Craig was so nervous that he had a nervous breakdown and was not able to play.


The Vines recorded their debut album Highly Evolved with producer Rob Schnapf in Los Angeles. During the recording of drummer David Oliffe left the band and was replaced by Hamish Rosser. The Single Highly Evolved was launched successfully and at number 32 in the UK. Get Free, Outtathaway and Homesick were more singles. Highly Evolved was sold 1.5 million times. The sudden success proved difficult for Nicholls and caused great effort for each.

2004 saw the band after Bearsville and started the recordings of their second album, Winning Days, which started at # 7 in Australia, # 23 in the U.S. and # 32 in the UK. The first single ride was sold to Apple for a commercial.

Mid-2005 was announced the band that they would record their third album with producer Wayne Connolly in Australia. 2006 came out the third album Vision Valley. The first single was the song Do not listen to the radio.

Asperger Syndrome

During a promotional show for Triple M Radio bassist Patrick Matthews walked off the stage after Nicholls had insulted the audience and instructed them not to talk during the performance. He never played again with The Vines ( he joined the band Youth Group at ) and Triple M The Vines has banned from its program and forbade them ever to play there again.

Nicholls hit a photographer, for which he had to pay a fine. While Nicholls trial it was discovered that he suffers from Asperger 's syndrome, a form of autism. The ad was later dropped.