Aerial view of the volcano Croscat

The volcano is an extinct volcano Croscat between the municipalities of Santa Pau and Olot in the comarca of Garrotxa in the Spanish autonomous region of Catalonia.

The horseshoe-shaped 786 -meter-high mountain of Stromboli type is located northwest of Olot, in the Garrotxa Volcanic Zone Natural Park, at the base has a diameter of 800 meters and a 160 meter-high cone, the highest of a volcano on the Iberian Peninsula. He also seems to be the youngest. The crater is located on the west side. At the highest point on the crater rim are the remains of an old defense tower, now equipped with antennas for telecommunications. On the east side granules were degraded by clay minerals in the last three decades. The Croscat has exposed by an eruption of its own layer structure in conic form for all to see.

There are known two outbreaks, one in front of 17,000 and the last 14,000 years ago. The first eruption must have been important for people already living in the area people, their lava covered an area of ​​about 20 square kilometers.

When a Mountain Natural Park of the Garrotxa volcanoes belonging beech forest stand is the Fageda d'en Jorda, on the lava of Croscat.