CSKA Universal Sports Hall

  • Summer Olympic Games 1980 (Basketball)

The CSKA Universal Sports Hall (Russian « Универсальный спортивный комплекс ЦСКА »; official name: ". . Универсальный спортивный комплекс ЦСКА имени А Я Гомельского " ​​German CSKA Universal Sports Hall Alexander Gomelski ) is a multi-purpose hall in the Russian capital, Moscow, is the sports complex CSKA Moscow. Visitors to offer 5,500 seats.

The nickname goes back to the long -time coach and president of CSKA and coach of the national basketball team of the USSR Alexander Gomelski. When he died in August 2005; she was named after him. The PBK CSKA Moscow (basketball ) and the MFK CSKA Moscow (Futsal ) received their opponents in the arena. It was opened on 17 October 1979 and served as the venue next to the Olimpijski the basketball tournament at the Olympic Games in 1980., The basketball section of the CSKA denies addition to league games of Russian PBL and the ULEB Euro League games and the Eastern European VTB United League.

Not far from the hall is the inaugurated end of 2006 Mega Sports Arena with a maximum of 13,926 seats.