Olympic Stadium (Moscow)

The sports complex Olimpijski (Russian Спортивный комплекс " Олимпийский ") is a multi-purpose indoor sports facility and event hall in Moscow, Russia. It is sometimes referred to as Moscow Olympic Hall.


The complex was established in July 1980 as one of the main venues of the aligned in Moscow XXII. Summer Olympics completed after a three- year construction period. He replaced the built in its place in 1905 Burewestnik Stadium.

The sports complex consists of two buildings: In addition to the 33,000 m² main arena, which has up to 224 meters in diameter and up to 80,000 people can sleep at the same time, part of the adjacent indoor pool to that being used for both water sports competitions as well as a public swimming pool. The building of the main arena again involves several separate halls, the largest of them is the main sports hall with 126 meters in length, 90 m width and 35,000 spectators. The total area of ​​the complex including the Arena and the indoor pool amounts to almost 55,000 m². The two buildings are located in northern Moscow city center, near the main road Prospekt Mira ( to German "Prospectus of Peace", also known as Highway M 8 ) and two metro stations ( Prospekt Mira the " orange line " and the eponymous Umsteigebahnhofs the ring line).

When completed Olimpijski was due to its size as well as the most advanced for its time technologies that were used in the construction - including the 5 mm thick roof shell made of steel - a masterpiece of Soviet architecture. Even today, the main arena of Olimpijski is the largest indoor sports arena in Europe.


The sports complex Olimpijski including the indoor swimming pool is designed as a multi-purpose sports facility and can therefore align competitions in 22 Olympic sports. Among the most important sporting events that have taken place in Olimpijski in the past include the following:

  • XXII. Olympic Summer Games: Contests and Others in Swimming, Diving, basketball and boxing
  • Spartakiads the peoples of the USSR in 1983 and 1986
  • Goodwill Games in 1986
  • Bandy World Championships in 1989 and 2008
  • Box world championships 1989
  • Tennis Tournaments ( various, including Kremlin Cup, Davis Cup)
  • CIS Cup
  • IAAF World Indoor Championships in 2006
  • Volleyball European Championship Men 2007
  • Wrestling World Championships 2010


In addition, the arena is also used for non- sporting events, including pop concerts and a book fair. So, for example, published the band Asia under the title of Asia live in MOCKBA recordings of concerts on 17 and 18 November 1990. 'The biggest ever sporting event in the not Olimpijski complex there was from 12 to 16 May 2009, the Euro Vision Song Contest 2009 discharged.