Cwmbran (Welsh Cwmbrân [ kʊmbrɑ ː n] ) is a New Town in the local County Borough of Torfaen in southeast Wales, United Kingdom. Cwmbran mean in the Welsh language " valley of the crow ". Cwmbran is an amalgamation of the villages Old Cwmbran ( Hen Gwmbrân ) Pontnewydd, Upper Cwmbran ( Cwmbrân Uchaf ), Croesyceiliog, Llantarnam and Llanyrafon. The population is approximately 47,300 (as of 2001), which makes it the sixth- largest metropolitan area Cwmbran Wales.


Cwmbran is located in South East Wales. South of the city is the port city of Newport, south-west of the Welsh capital, Cardiff.


In the Neolithic and the Bronze Age first people settled in the area. In the Iron Age the Silurian occupied the country until they were conquered by the Romans.

In order founded in 1179 Hywel, Lord of Caerleon money and land to found a Cistercian monastery. Henry VIII had close the monastery and the area was purchased by several wealthy landowners. In the 18th century the old abbey went to the Blewitt family. This heralded the beginning of the industrialization of Cwmbran with brick kilns, lime kilns, mining of coal and ore. In the 19th century, more factories settled, including coke plants, rolling mills and ironworks. The First World War ended this time. The mines and other heavy industries were closed, leading to unemployment and poverty.

In 1949 they founded the Cwmbran Development Corporation, who led the development of the city. According to the plan began in 1951 the construction work. In less than 20 years, the number rose to about 33,000 inhabitants. In the 1950s the Cwmbran Shopping Centre was built and in 1967 became the Tower Block, the only high-rise apartment building in the city is completed. In the 1980s, the Cwmbran Development Corporation was dissolved. Over time, the light industry has settled in the city to this day.

Cwmbran Shopping Centre

Built in the 1950s, Cwmbran Shopping Centre is the largest shopping center in Wales. The center of Cwmbran is largely influenced by the Shopping Centre. In the center 170 shops and stores are located. In the center is home to the Congress Theatre, the city library and offices. There are about 3,000 free parking spaces available. 2007 an annex was completed with a cinema, bowling alley and restaurants. The Shopping Centre is a popular destination and the railway station, bus station are close by.


Cwmbran Town is the biggest football club in the city. The club plays its home games at Cwmbran Stadium. The club was a founding member in 1992 of the League of Wales and was equal to the first Masters. Three times Cwmbran reached the final of the Welsh Cup, but went every time the loser from the square.