The D- Link Corporation (Chinese友 讯 科技, Pinyin Yǒuxùn Keji, friendly signal technology ') is a manufacturer of equipment used in network technology.

The company was founded in 1986 as Datex Systems Inc. by Ken Kao in Taipei, Taiwan, where there is also the headquarters is located. In 1987 the company launched its first network card on the market, in 1989 its own integrated circuits, and in 1990 his first stroke, each for Ethernet. His first router brought the company in 1996 to market its first products with Wi -Fi or Bluetooth in 2001. In 2007, there was a manufacturer of mobile phones and in 2008 sales partner network storage. At the beginning of the 2010s, sales of D- Link was more than a third by the division radio technology, followed by almost a third by switches and each sixth through broadband and home electronics.

After the death of Ken Kao in April 2008 Tony Tsau took over on 1 July 2008 presided at D-Link. In September 2011, Roger Kao CEO of D-Link Corporation. As president is A. P. Chen worked since 2011.

In addition to D-Link in Taipei subsidiary D-Link India Limited is listed on stock exchanges in Mumbai. D-Link is represented by about three dozen offices on six continents. The first European office was opened in 1989 and originally targeted on North America. D- Link Europe Ltd.. is based in London. In 1991 the company opened an office in Germany and named in 1992 by Datex Systems in D -Link. The D-Link ( Germany ) GmbH in Eschborn responsible for Germany, Austria and Switzerland. In Vienna and Zurich, the company has additional sales offices. Since September 2003, the development department of D -Link is made ​​into a separate listed company, Alpha Networks and grown for production operation with around 6,000 employees.

Security issues

A backdoor without a password in the firmware of some routers from D-Link was the middle of October 2013 known open for remote access for each browser with a special ID that is easily adjustable. Remedy provided D-Link in early December 2013. Originally said D-Link Remedy for late October. The backdoor was as easy to find in the machine code to thousands of affected routers in the Internet.