Da capo

Da capo (Italian for from the beginning [literally head, cf Latin caput ] to ) is the game instructions, a piece of music from the so- called point from the beginning ( da capo ) to start. Simple repeats are not repeated at the capo Because again, unless that then the additional "con repetitione " or simply "con rep. " appears. The statement is usually in connection with al fine ( to the end), with fine either actually is the end of the piece or another with fine designated body of the piece.

The term da capo al coda means that is repeated from the beginning and on a correspondingly excellent place in which as a coda (literally tail, cf Latin cauda ) designated sequel is bound.

The statement is eponymous for the da capo aria in Baroque music.

The exclamation " Da capo " is an acclamation by an audience. The piece was so good that you want to hear it from the beginning again.