Day & Age


  • Brandon Flowers: vocals, keyboard
  • Dave Keuning: guitar, backing vocals
  • Mark Stoermer: Bass, backing vocals
  • Ronnie Vannucci: Drums

Day & Age is the third studio album by the American rock band The Killers. It was published in the German-speaking area on 21 November 2008 in Iceland Records.

Creation and publication

The recordings on the album emerged in 2006 when the band recorded the single human within two hours. Producer Stuart Price sat during the writing process and the demo recordings in London while it was the strip in Las Vegas. The demo tapes and the improvement proposals were therefore sent back and forth via the Internet between cities. Only at the final shots flew Price to Las Vegas. The album was released in Germany on 21 November 2008, in the U.S. and the UK, it appeared just three days before.

Title list

Chart positions

In Britain and Norway, the album was embarking on number one on the album charts. In New Zealand (2nd place), Mexico ( 3rd place), Australia and Switzerland ( each sleeping 4), the United States ( 6th), Germany and Sweden ( 8th place), Austria, Spain and Denmark ( # 10 ) were reached more positions in the top ten. With twelfth place in the Netherlands and the Flemish part of Belgium, number 17 in Finland, # 29 in Portugal, number 41 in the Walloon region of Belgium and number 57 in France placements were achieved in six other charts.


By music critics, the album was discussed mostly positive. Metascore awards an average of 69 % based on 31 reviews, and thus the predicate "generally favorable" (Eng. " generally positive") assigns a positive rating and four out of five stars as a rating. Critic Max Brandl writes in his review that the band have managed to bring about a positive development, which many band would fail.

Stephen Thomas Erlewine from awards also four out of five stars and also said that the style change have been good for the album. He describes the album as " grotesque, but great album. " awarded 6.5 out of 10 possible points. Editor Tanja Kraus praises the stylistic U-turn, but also criticized that it is thereby qualitatively not receiving the previous albums.

Chris Long of the BBC rated the album rather average. For him, Day & Age WOULD still in the development process and the band itself did not yet know where it go away with the style of the band.

With three out of ten rated Album negative. Critic Christian Preußer is of the opinion that especially producer Stuart Price guilt was the fact that the album sounded like a bad Platter 80s.