K. K. Dentsu (Japanese株式会社 电 通, Kabushiki - gaisha Dentsu, . Engl Dentsu, Inc. ) is a Japanese advertising agency, listed on the Nikkei 225 Dentsu is the gross profit the fifth largest advertising agency in the world and on an unconsolidated advertising agency basis, the greatest.

One of the biggest main competitors include global Omnicom, WPP, IPG and Havas.


1901 founded Mitsunaga Hoshirō (光 永 星 郎), the company Nihon kokoku (日本 広 告, dt " Japan - advertising") and Dempo Tsūshinsha (电报 通信 社, dt " Telegram News Agency "). Last was reorganized in 1906 as a company Nihon Dempo Tsūshinsha (日本 电报 通信 社). 1907 merges the Nihon kokoku with the Nihon Dempo Tsūshinsha. In 1936, the company focuses on the function as an advertising agency and divided the corporate sector news as an independent news agency domei Tsūshinsha (同盟 通信 社) from. 1943 are taken over 16 advertising agencies and opened up branches in Osaka, Nagoya and Kyushu. 1955, the company name is shortened to Dentsu. In 1981 JIMA Dentsu with the American advertising agency Young & Rubicam, the joint venture Dentsu Young & Rubicam ( DYR ). Since 2001, the company's shares are publicly traded on the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

Dentsu is still involved in the television stations and Dentsu offshoot Tokyo Broadcasting System and on Television Nishi- Nippon. For the Dentsu Group has more than a dozen subsidiaries, including Dentsu PR.

International Activities

The Dentsu Network West, founded in October 2010, the company has its growing activities outside of Japan - combined under one new roof - especially in America and Europe. These include Dentsu America, Mcgarrybowen, Firstborn, 360i, Attik and steak. In Latin America, the Dentsu Network West is, inter alia, represented by Dentsu Dentsu Argentina and Brazil. In Europe, these are among other Dusseldorf Dentsu, Dentsu London, Dentsu Brussels, Cayenne Italia and Dentsu Russia. Next sites of the global network can be found in India, Singapore, Thailand, Korea, the Middle East, North Africa, Russia, China, Taiwan and Hong Kong.

Activities in Germany

In March 2011, founded in 1997, cayenne Werbeagentur GmbH merged with the digital agency SocialThinkers and has since been trading as Dentsu Dusseldorf. Dentsu Dusseldorf is part of the Dentsu Network West, a group of agencies from 34 companies in America and Europe, with headquarters New York. Dentsu also has influence in the German TV market, the Company holds 37.5 % stake in DCTP, a German media company.