Deutsche Schule Istanbul

Sahkulu Bostanı Sokak No. 20, Beyoğlu

The German School Istanbul Turkish Özel Alman Lisesi or is a private, mathematical and scientific high school in Istanbul's Beyoğlu district, near the Galataturmes. It belongs to the group of certified official seal of approval with the above schools abroad and receives the seal of approval " Excellent German School Abroad ".


The German school enjoys a high reputation as a secondary school in Turkey. It was founded in May 1868 as German and Swiss national school for the children living in Istanbul German dealers, artists, engineers and diplomats. Due to the increasing number of students and due to the damage to buildings caused by an earthquake in Istanbul in 1894, the school moved to its current building in the Sahkulu - Bostanı Street in the northern district of Beyoğlu. During the First World War, the school had some difficulties in the implementation of an orderly school lessons. After the war began, in addition to also include Turkish students and taught according to the German school system from kindergarten through high school.

The school leads to high school graduation, the graduates then visit often respected universities in Turkey, Germany or the United States. Among the graduates of the school, there are a number of known Turkish artists, scientists and politicians.

School organization

As spoken French and English are offered. In the lower grades only non-Turkish students are taught in the senior Turkish pupils are additionally added by the Turkish legal regulations and must complete a fairly extensive testing prior to admission to the school. The upper stage is subject to the Turkish school supervision. The lessons take place with the exception of teaching English in separate Turkish-speaking and non- Turkish speaking classes, but there are deals for the students to work together communities. For recognition of completion as the Abitur exam is required in a number of core subjects, otherwise the conclusion is also acquired at Turkish schools degrees ( Turkish Lise Diploma ) equivalent. In addition, the Turkish-speaking students who do not pass the Abitur examination, also acquire a language diploma II KMK, which also allows them after studying at Turkish universities for further studies in Germany.

Known members of the teaching staff

  • Paul Lange, music, worked before joining the Alman Lisesi at the American College for Girls. Later in 1908 Kapellmeister of the last two Ottoman sultans. A son, Hans Lange, was a famous conductor in the United States.
  • Friedrich Schrader, subjects unknown, worked 1900-1907 at Alman Lisesi. Previously, Robert College and an Armenian school. From 1908 to 1917 deputy editor of the daily newspaper Ottoman Lloyd.
  • Charles Steuerwald, Modern Languages ​​, was 1953-1956 Headmaster. He later wrote " The Great Steuerwald ," a German - Turkish dictionary.

Known graduates

  • Bülent Eczacıbaşı, entrepreneur, CEO of Eczacıbaşı Holding
  • Sinan Tara, entrepreneur, CEO of Enka Holding
  • Cem Uzan, entrepreneurs
  • Cuneyt Zapsu, Entrepreneur, Former Advisor to the Prime Minister
  • Atil Kutoglu, Fashion Designer
  • Melih Kibar, Pop Music Composer
  • Erkin Koray, Rock Musician
  • Cem Koksal, rock musician, guitarist
  • Ahmet Cakir, ergonomist
  • Safter Cinar, carriers of the Federal Order of Merit
  • Harun Tekin, rock musician, vocalist of the Turkish rock band Mor ve Ötesi
  • Kerem Kabadayi, Rock Musician, Drummer of the Turkish rock band Mor ve Ötesi
  • Meral Tamer, Journalist
  • Deniz Gokce, economist, journalist
  • Yalçın Doğan, Journalist
  • Sahnaz Çakıralp, actress (not graduated )
  • Kenan Kalav, actor
  • Barbaros Sansal, fashion designer (not graduated )
  • Tankut Centel, lawyer, Dean of the Faculty of Law of the Koc University