Digital Performer

Digital Performer is a computer program of the American company Mark of the Unicorn ( MOTU ) for music production and mainly spread in American recording studios.

The software was originally available up to version 7 exclusively for Apple Macintosh, was first published in 1985 and is the manufacturer page now since version 8 for the Windows operating system available.

Originally Digital Performer was a pure MIDI software and was progressively extended to audio functions. The sophisticated functionality in the range MIDI editing is regarded as outstanding, even compared to the industry-standard Pro Tools. Many music producers combine Digital Performer therefore with Pro Tools, especially since the program - unlike others - the Digidesign TDM hardware support directly. Digital Performer is very popular especially among composers of film music.

A highly simplified version without MIDI functions with names AudioDesk sets MOTU audio interfaces with his, it is not available separately.

Until Mac OS 9 used MOTU 's own plugin interface MAS ( MOTU Audio System). Since Mac OS X development has been suspended, but the Apple standard Core Audio and Audio Units are supported.

Since version 8, released on September 27, 2012, the software now supports well the widely used PC operating system Windows and according to the manufacturer 's website already be Windows 8 compatible.