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Digidesign is an American manufacturer of hardware and software for music and post-production based in Daly City / California.

With the main product Pro Tools Digidesign is now represented mainly in professional recording studios around the world, it has long been recognized as the industry standard. Since the Pro Tools software version 9 worked only with hardware from Digidesign, it was long time a closed system. The DSP -based HD system is also today still operated exclusively with our own hardware.


The company was founded in 1984 by Peter Gotcher and Evan Brooks, at that time still under the name " Digidrums ". The two have in fact initially sold EPROM chips for drum machines to fund your band. In the modification of the drum machine they have experience with the digital signal processing (DSP ) collected and then gradually developed new hardware and software that has continually set the standard, in the following key stages:

Customizable audio formats

A development of Digidesign is the Sound Designer II format ( SDII or SD2 abbreviated ), a mono / stereo audio file format based on their Macintosh recording and editing software Sound Designer was developed and serves as a sequel to the original mono sound designer I file format.

DigiDelivery is distributed by Digidesign system for data exchange over the Internet.

Known products

  • Pro Tools HD, LE ~, ~ M-Powered (Essential ) ~ Academic
  • ! Xpand, Hybrid, Strike, Velvet, Structure, Transfuser (software instruments AIR); Eleven
  • Mbox, Mbox 2 Pro ~, ~ Mini, Micro ~
  • Digi 001/002/003 ( rack)
  • Control 24
  • Command 8
  • ICON