Directeur sportif

The Sports Director is responsible for the administrative affairs of a sports club or association. In the sports management of large teams he has the leadership position for the following areas:

  • The design of schedules and game schedules for competitions, training camps, arrivals and departures
  • The accommodation of the athletes at training camps and away games
  • The compilation of the squad (including Scouting )

Separate from this are usually other leadership positions in the Association Management: General club management, financial management, sponsors, public relations and marketing club. While the sports director is responsible for the compilation of the first team, the coach for the implementation of the training and the preparation of teams formed from the squad remains responsible.

The tasks of Sports Director may coincide with tasks for the team, especially with small clubs; occasionally take individual athletes or officials of an association such as the chairman, the function of sports director.

In sports federations of the sports director is usually the immediate superior of the national coach.