Distributive case

The distributive (also called Plurativ ) referred to in linguistics a number that expresses the distribution of the discussed items. It provides as cardinal numbers, ordinal numbers and collective represents a series of Numerals ( number words )

The German language has this word form not only paraphrases using each ( respectively ), eg:

There are also the words individually 'and' only ', as an exclusive. The el- Education else is there only at the word " Zwiesel " to two.

In Latin there is a word form for Distributivnumeralia: singuli, bini, terni, quaternization, quini, Seni ... - this is the Numeral with the adverb used for the multiplication ( the German with the will to multiplicatives times formed ):

The distributive occurs particularly in the Turkic languages ​​: for example, in the Turfan Uighur texts: Tarts bleak içinde yana ikirer bleak adrılur ( " within the four seasons are two (side) seasons distinction "); or in modern Turkey Turkish: Ikişer yataklı iki oda istiyoruz ( "We want two rooms with two beds ").

In addition Distributivsuffixe exist in Classical Mongolian ( -ğad/-ged ) and Westtocharischen ( Tocharian B): - waiwenta