Districts of India

A district (English: district, Hindi: जिला JILA ) is an administrative unit in India. She is the hierarchically subordinate subdivision (administrative unit or national administrative divisions ) of the states and union territories. At the time of census 2011, there were 640 districts in India.

Management and Organization

The district capitals are the seat of Distriksverwaltung ( district headquarters ). The vast majority of Districts is named after the seat of the district administration.

In large states in part also several districts were combined to form a division. The administration of India below the district level varies among the states and between districts. General and administrative affairs of Tehsils ( in northern India ) and taluks ( in southern India ) managed while developing technical things are managed by the block. Sometimes there is a third parallel with the subdivision management chain. In some districts, these three separately, and are partially overlapping. The boundaries of the three administrative chain areas may be different, as well as the number and location of the seat.